Adoptive Families Needed

Jenny Spencer and family

I grew up in a big family with three siblings and over twenty cousins. I was very blessed to have two parents who loved each other and each of their children. They were positive role models that I wanted to be like for my own children one day.

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones like graduations, weddings and baptisms were such joyful family times. My first nephew was born when I was a freshman in college. It was so amazing to hold a brand new life in my hands and welcome him into our family. I graduated from college and moved back to the Black Hills and started a new job in Rapid City. About two years later I met my future husband. After we married we both wanted to start a family and were hopeful for a great future.

Six years later and we decided to meet with an adoption counselor at CSS. We were ready to learn what steps were involved with the process. After much prayer and discernment, we completed our application for domestic adoption and the amazing journey began! We wrote autobiographies, asked people to write personal references, completed home studies, and completed lots of paperwork. We read stories and articles on adoption and how it impacts the child, birth parents and adoptive parents. Our caseworker kept us updated on new developments and we prayed everyday for the phone to ring from CSS.

I experienced many emotions that I never anticipated. I had hope for the unknown baby and birthparents. I wondered about God’s plan for me to become a mom. I experienced disappointment at times of learning who did not support us during the process. Most of all I felt immense joy and deep gratitude when we learned that a baby girl was born and the birth parents wanted to meet us! Our daughter was placed with us when she was two days old. The amazing miracle we waited for was here! All the paperwork and legal work pales to the depth of love God had planned for us with our little girl.

Adoption has completely changed my life. I have a beautiful, healthy daughter who is full of life, wonder and awe at the world and people around her. My life is full of love in ways I never knew were possible. Adoption gave me the blessing of the family I have wanted since I was a young girl. Our little girl now is part of a large family of her own who love and care for her so much. She is our angel baby.

My personal journey through adoption has been tremendous. It has been one of hope, trust, prayer, joy and gratitude. Family and friends have been a huge support and continue to bless our lives and our daughter’s life with love and acceptance. I fully support and am so thankful for the adoption services and staff of CSS.

Jenny Spencer
Adoptive Parent