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Catholic Social Services Rapid City
Catholic Social Services Rapid City

Dear friends,

It's been a long day for you. We know that (we feel it ourselves, if we're being totally honest with you... which we are).

Maybe you're powering through a full 24 hours.
Maybe you got up extra early this morning.
Maybe you were like me and set your Apple Watch to vibrate every few hours to check-in on social media and emails.

There's only a few hours left, and as you work toward getting one more donor... engaging one more volunteer... or simply sending an email to thank someone for being part of your mission... know that what you do is really, really, really, really important.

No seriously.

Say that aloud. "What I do for my community, for my state, is really, really, really important."

Now say it again.

Because it's true.

Because of the work of our nonprofit sector, people are fed (animals too!). People feel the joy of walking through the doors of a home. People know they are supported to live life authentically. People experience safety. People have access to healthcare.

People know what it is to feel love.

Today is not just about raising money. It is not just about engaging donors and volunteers. It is about celebrating YOU -- what YOU do to contribute to making life just a little bit better for someone else.

Whether you raised $0 or $10,000, what matters most to us is that you know how critical you are to the people (and animals!) of our state.

We're really proud of you. We hope you know that. And we hope you celebrate YOU.

Way to go.
(And keep going -- you have a few hours left).
Catholic Social Services Rapid City
Catholic Social Services Rapid City

Ok, so maybe we have not raised quite that much, but our IT wizard is on vacation this week so we don’t have an exact number at the moment! Regardless, we are super thankful for our donors, community partners, and everyone participating in our Day of Giving Scavenger Hunt!