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Keys For Successful Counseling

Willingness:  Change can initially create some anxiety.  It can push a person out of their comfort zone.  During the counseling process, you may learn new ways of doing things, look at things from different perspectives, and challenge well-worn thinking patterns.  This can take a great deal of energy, time, and courage.  Courage has been defined as “the willingness to do something even if you are afraid.”  The person with courage is willing to do what it takes.  If you are willing to step out of your comfort zone with courage, you are on your way to reaching your counseling goals.


Commitment:  People tend to be impatient with the personal growth process.  The counseling process requires commitment and patience.  Real and lasting change takes time.  The key to success in counseling is not only the willingness to start the process, but the commitment to stay on the journey.


Faith:  The more you believe in something, the more likely you are to be successful at it.  Having trust in your therapist and the therapy process is needed for healing to happen.  Lack of trust in others can be an obstacle to therapy, or it can be the first item to address in the counseling process.  Believing in yourself plus having faith in the process equals a much greater chance of success.

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