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Resilient Parenting Classes

Leading parental and caregiver techniques to help with parenting your child, including:

  • Reducing controlling behavior
  • Improving relationship skills
  • Improved emotional control
  • Improving caregiver safety
When children feel scared, alone, abandoned, hurt or hungry early in their life, they have no choice but to find ways or adaptive behaviour to help them get through these times by relying on themselves.

The signs of these ways of thinking, feeling and behaving are often seen later when children are older and living in different families. They show up as worrying or challenging behaviours that just don’t seem to make sense and make it hard for parents to know how best to care for children, This is especially so during times when the child’s outward behaviour seems to be saying that they don’t want or need the parent and won’t allow the parent to love them.

Much of traditional day-to-day parenting assumes that the child feels safe at home, trusts his parents and their motives when they discipline him. This parenting also assumes that children learn from consequences, are able to function well with a good degree of independence, and have come to accept their parents values, ideals, and goals. When these assumptions don’t seem to apply any more, parenting strategies informed by what we know about developmental trauma and attachment may better connect with the child’s inner world.

Registration Information

This is a 7 week series of classes. Classes run from 6 pm – 7:30 pm MST.  Classes are in-person at the Catholic Social Services office located at 529 Kansas City St, Rapid City, SD 57701. Spouses are encouraged to come together, the cost is the same.

Step 1. Register for the class by filling out the Resilient Parenting Classes Registration form below.

Step 2.  After submitting the registration form below, click on the “Step 2. Online Portal Application” button to go to our online portal.  Create an account and fill out the Client Application.  Fill the application out as the child, not as yourself.  Once the application is submitted we will contact you to finish the intake process. If you need any assistance please call 605-348-6086.

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