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FASD for Professionals or Service/Community Groups

These trainings are tailored to the audience and always include the most up to date information/statistics.  The need for further education on the effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol is needed within all the systems (legal, healthcare, mental health, educational and community).  With the new prevalence being 2 to 5% of the population (CDC, 2016) we are all interacting with people who have been impacted by prenatal exposure.  The only way to truly effect positive change within our communities is through education and working together.  For more information, please contact CSS.

Attachment and Trauma

Trauma at any stage of life impacts a child’s ability to have healthy attachments.  While there is a range of mental health issues that can result from this one of the greatest impacts can result in reactive attachment disorder (RAD).  Children with RAD can be extremely hard to parent and often end up in out of home placements due to the behaviors present.  This training will go over the changes to the brain that take place due to trauma and how this plays out within a person’s life.  Different methods of treatment and parenting will be looked at and presented with evidence based treatment options being focused on.  For more information, please contact CSS.