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Educational Groups

FASD parenting 101

This is the group for caregivers who are new to the diagnosis of FASD or needing to learn more about the brain changes that have taken place with prenatal alcohol exposure.  The class will take the participant through how the brain changes will affect the child/person throughout their lifetime and how to best help support them.  Participants will receive information on the best parenting type for a person prenatally exposed to alcohol and how to retrain the caregivers brain to remember that the child is dealing with a permanent brain injury and not just behaviors.  The class content is presented in a 6-week format.  For more information, please contact CSS.

FASD parenting 201

FASD 201 cannot be taken until the participant has taken FASD 101.  This group is a more advanced presentation on how to parent a child with FASD or prenatal alcohol exposure.  The participants will learn more about how to navigate systems in their child’s life including legal, educational, healthcare and community.  Participants will expand on their parenting arsenal and learn how to help their child navigate life into adulthood.  Class content is presented in an 8-week format. For more information, please contact CSS.

Brain Based Attachment Parenting 1 & 2

This class is based on the work of Daniel Hughes, Kim Golding and Jonathon Baylin.  Content is geared to teach participants how trauma has affected the brain of the child who is suffering from attachment disorder and how to rebuild the brain pathways needed for a child to form healthy attachments.  This training is recommended for all foster and adoptive families in order to help children and their families be successful in their interactions.  The goal of this class is to eliminate or decrease out of home placements and frequent displacements for children dealing with attachment disorders.  For more information, please contact CSS.