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Catholic Social Services has been providing adoption services in western South Dakota for over forty years.  We provide a range of adoption services including infant adoption as well as international adoption.

Facts about Adoption from China

  • 2017 Adoptions: 1,905 children
  • Hague Country: Yes
  • Profile of Children: Children up to age 13 can be adopted. 67% of children are between 1 and 4 years old. 50% of children are girls. (2017)
  • Median Total Cost: $15,825 (see China adoption cost breakdown)
  • Parents’ Ages: Parents must be between ages 30 and 50. Couples in which one parent is over 50 years old will be considered; however, the younger parent must be no more than 50 years older than the child they wish to adopt. For special needs adoption, parents can be between ages 30 and 55.
  • Family Requirements: Adoptive parents must be married at least two years, or five years if there has been a previous divorce. Parents cannot have more than two divorces between them. Both parents must have H.S. diploma or vocational training. Several specific income and health restrictions apply. Single women must not be more than 45 years older than the child they wish to adopt. Same-sex couples may not adopt.
  • Travel: At least one parent must travel to China to adopt.
  • Timeline for China Adoption: For healthy children, approximately five years from completion of dossier to referral. The wait time is considerably shorter for special-needs children.
  • Route: Adopt through a US Hague-compliant adoption agency approved by the CCCWA.

Types of Adoption

Infant Adoption

  • Pre-adoption counseling
  • Home studies
  • Placement Services
  • Post-Placement services

International Adoption

  • Requirements vary among countries
  • Pre-adoption counseling
  • Home study
  • Post-placement services

Other Adoption Options

  • Special needs children
  • Relative placements
  • Designated placements


Have you ever considered becoming a forever family to a child with no place to call home?  If so, call our adoption staff at Catholic Social Services, and know that you will be receiving  the most qualified and ethical services.    We are available for information meetings or are happy to send you more information by mail.

Hague Accredited

CSS is Hague Accredited by the Intercountry Adoption Accredited Agency to provide international adoption services which ensures that our agency is operating at the highest standards and provides the most integrated services to our families.  Our families will benefit from our Hague Accreditation by knowing that our pre-adoption trainings, our home study process, and our follow-up services with children are based upon the most up-to-date best practice standards.

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